Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Afternoon -
Prepping lunch for the week

10 Steps for a week of healthy lunches

Making lunch for the work week has always been a chore.  Even worse is trying to throw together a lunch before going to work.  Often times it means a burger, subway, or something not healthy.  I spend 30 mins a week on Sunday afternoon making lunches for the week with my catch.  Here is this week's lunch and my 10 step process that takes about 30 mins.

1)  I pulled out 4 packs of Black rockfish.  I seal my rockfish 2 fillets to a bag to make things easy.
2)  Fire up the rice cooker with long grain brown rice
3)  Finish trimming, pull bones, etc....
3)  Season them up and let them set
4)  Fire up the large skillet, mist with EVOO and wait for it to get hot
5)  Cook the fish - I cook to almost done so that when I re-heat at work it cooks the rest of the way through.
6)  While the fish is cooking empty 1/2  bag of mixed veggies and 1/3 bag of edamame into a glass bowl, add a little salt, cover and microwave till almost done.  Again - almost done so that they do not overcook when I reheat at work.
7)  Gather my tupperware for the week
8)  Portion the rice on the bottom, veggies next, and fish on top.
9)  Repeat 8 times
10)  Seal up and put in the refrigerator, top shelf, in front, so I don't forget to grab one in the morning on the way out.

Fish, rice and veggies all cooked up!!!

Rice, veggies, then fish :)

8 Lunches - 4 for me, 4 for Joan

Why only 4 per?

As I always try to mention, I am not perfect.  There is usually a pot luck being put on one day, a vendor lunch, or something during the week where I just want a slice of Old School pizza or something, so by making 4 I leave myself the opportunity to have 1 lunch out during the week.  Just a slight change in lifestyle that makes a huge difference in calorie intake.

Keeping the freezer full of fresh fish is fun and rewarding.  Yeah, when the freezer gets empty, it can be tough, but the Tilapia Tenderloins from Costco as well as the Salmon Patties are a good, healthy substitute.

I think I am worth taking 30 mins out of my Sunday evening boob tube time to set myself up for some good lunches during the week.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 12-17 I went down to Depoe Bay and participated in NWKA"s Oregon Rockfish Classic kayak tournament.  What a blast.  I met so many great people, shared stories and fishing tips, and fished with nothing more than a classy group of motivated kayak fishermen and women.  I camped for 5 nights and ate heavier than I would have liked, but I needed the calories.

Some highlights from the trip:
Climbed the rocks @ Boiler Point and fished for Ling and Rockfish...landed 3 and had a blast watching whales feeding within casting distance of me.
Took a saltwater virgin out to Boiler Point and helped him catch his first two fish from the salt!
Pre-fished the tournament off the PA on Thursday and Friday catching limits of Ling, Cazebon, and black Rockfish.
Fished the tournament and brought in a 9lb Ling to secure a top 15 spot in my first ever tournament.  (I am still awaiting the official results and will update when I have them.

Lost 5 more lbs over the week and I think I know why - 3 days open ocean Kayak fishing - 22.5hrs on the water.  Good times, great workout.  Current weight 320lbs.  Goal for 2012 is 300.

I now have a freezer full of fish and am loving it.  Cooked up a bunch of ling yesterday and made lunches for myself and my girl for two days.  Panfried lingcod, brown rice, and mixed veggies.....  Good, satisfying, and healthy.

Pics, vids, and more to come.