Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So I have lost 25lbs since November and a good chunk is from the last month with the PA.


NO FAST FOOD....I found a healthy substitute for the eating out craving...The Gyro Spot....much more healthy than anything from the golden arches or running south of the border.  I am blessed to love veggies and salads, so I make sure to have at least 3or 4 big salads with a dinner of fresh caught fish, chicken, different bean soups.  I still have my tortilla chips and salsa, a quesadilla or two through the week, but what I have done is cut down on just a ton of the empty calories.  I stopped eating anything but a lunch at work.  No grazing the floors for which department had the pot luck, no hitting the free donuts, none of that.  I keep a big tub of oatmeal at work, so I make my coffee and have a red solo cup full of oatmeal.  That tides me for most of the day.  I try to bring a cold cut sammich on wheat bread but if not, I try to have an apple or something. 

Anyway, a little bit of a ramble above.  No huge changes in diet, but just a couple subtle ones.  No binging, no fast food, and still treating myself, in a more healthy way, has been the diet portion of my changes.

I will talk about activity changes next...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Went with a couple of NWKA.org guys to the salt for the first time.  Had a blast and learned a lot.  This is an excerpt from my write up on that site.

Going to a serious note here:

The ocean is NO JOKE!!!  I am thankful that I did not break anything or lose more today.  I joined the Huli-club twice today.  Both times on launch.  I made a couple of HUGE mistakes and learned some great lessons today that I would like to share....

1)  Mirage drive is not the be-all end-all means of propelling your yak.  I only brought half my paddle with the t-handle as that is what I was used to having in the lakes.  WRONG ANSWER!!!  I need to learn how to propel that aircraft carrier with the paddle to be able to surf launch....period....  I bent up my fins trying to rush and get moving.....luckily I was able to bend them back, but I will be purchasing a new pair.  I finally was able to get out past the breakers with Rav and Jp's assistance, but after huli'ing twice in what is really smallish surf, I was wiped out....

2)  Plastic clips on leashes are a joke in the surf.  I almost lost my mirage drive on my second huli.  The leash held, but the plastic clip broke.  Luckily the drive was right beside me when I righted myself after getting tossed.  LEASH EVERYTHING!!!  I did lose my beanie cap, my knife, and a pair of gloves.  The knife was in the side pocket on the PA, but not leashed.  The beanie and gloves I stuffed under the seat....never again.

3)  Stretch out before peddling/paddling.....Cramps suck!!!  Made for a very long drive home.

Out on the water was a blast.  A couple of marine mammals were checking us out and it was just nice to be on the ocean.  I think Jp had a close encounter with one.  With no beanie or gloves, the gale sleet/rain storm that hit us after we got out past the sunken jetty was no joke.  I finally made it to the rocks and hooked the bottom a few times.  Gave me some experience working with my rods in the swells and currents.  Much different than trying to tie a knot in mono on a lake.  Rav hooked into a few, but none landed.  I got to watch one take his rod down and shake about 3 times and get off, but that was it for pescado.

I need to work on my core strength, leg endurance, and get more rest before heading out in the surf again.  Feeling good, but sore, crampy, and tired.  Good things to come in the future.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Busy week at work and very uncooperative weather have had me sidelined.

Watching my eating and trying to stay away from the junk.

Best advice I have had and that works:  Stay away from any fast food :)  The closest thing I have now is Subway, which I really do not like, and Gyros from The Gyro Spot in Olympia.  Gyros are very healthy for a meal and I am blessed to have found a spot that makes everything from scratch with local ingredients.

Yesterday I finished installing my fisfinder/gps unit on the kayak.  I also added two more Scotty bases to allow for carrying two more rods and also allows me to use the crabbing pulley setup I purchased.

Pics will be forthcoming as the weather clears and I can get out more.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On 2/24/12 I took the trip down from Olympia, WA to Hood River, OR to meet up with somebody I met on NWKA.org.  He and I talked for a while about my research on Kayaks built for big guys and specifically for angling.

I have been an avid angler since I was a very small boy and for the last 3 years have been trying to figure out how to get fit by doing what I love...fishing.  I fished for a couple of years off an inflatable pontoon boat which just barely was rated to hold my weight.  I ended up spending a lot of time fixing blown seams, etc...  Not enjoyable for very long even though it afforded me some angling opportunities that I would never have had.

So begin the research into Kayak fishing.  Long story short, I am now utilizing a Hobie Mirage Pro Angler and discovering a whole new life.  My plan for this blog is to record my progress in getting fit, losing weight and the activities and food that goes with it, and enjoying my passion...fishing.