Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So I have lost 25lbs since November and a good chunk is from the last month with the PA.


NO FAST FOOD....I found a healthy substitute for the eating out craving...The Gyro Spot....much more healthy than anything from the golden arches or running south of the border.  I am blessed to love veggies and salads, so I make sure to have at least 3or 4 big salads with a dinner of fresh caught fish, chicken, different bean soups.  I still have my tortilla chips and salsa, a quesadilla or two through the week, but what I have done is cut down on just a ton of the empty calories.  I stopped eating anything but a lunch at work.  No grazing the floors for which department had the pot luck, no hitting the free donuts, none of that.  I keep a big tub of oatmeal at work, so I make my coffee and have a red solo cup full of oatmeal.  That tides me for most of the day.  I try to bring a cold cut sammich on wheat bread but if not, I try to have an apple or something. 

Anyway, a little bit of a ramble above.  No huge changes in diet, but just a couple subtle ones.  No binging, no fast food, and still treating myself, in a more healthy way, has been the diet portion of my changes.

I will talk about activity changes next...

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